The Influence of Team and Technology on Startups

New technology is completely transforming the way we think and do things. As an entrepreneur, technology is going to be your sword and shield, which you will use to battle whatever awaits beyond the business landscape.

The idea of entrepreneurship has been around for quite some time now, and is something that both large and small businesses are striving for. Many of the large corporations of the world have come up with their own startup programs to fund entrepreneurs to draw on the blue sky thinking method in order to further their own ventures. So, how can an entrepreneur be successful in the presence of so much increasing competition?
Entrepreneurship is global, and so is technology, which means that both have a global impact. For instance, an entrepreneur based in London is not confined to the UK, but has the potential to solve problems at a global level. To keep up with the changing face of technology, an entrepreneur needs to be abreast of the technology they use.

Getting the Software

Before you can judge what software is good for you, ask yourself –

Does the software meet your business needs?

You need to keep your tools to a minimum and try not to get features that you don’t need.

Will it save you money?

As an entrepreneur, the software you use is only as good as the time and money it can save you. While some entrepreneurs prefer to spend more time using “free” tools, you need to ask yourself, “Is it really worth it?” Besides, all entrepreneurs need to grow their top line, so spending a bit more on better tools can be worth it.

Does it make my job easier?

If the software you use isn’t making much of a difference, or is hard to operate, you will end up not only hurting your productivity, but your employee’s morale as well. As an entrepreneur, you need to find the right balance when it comes to software, drop the one’s you do not need and continue to use the ones that are beneficial.
Project management becomes essential as soon as a startup grows from a few to a few dozen employees. Fortunately for you, there are many software tools you can use that serve the purpose, such as Trello. When it comes to publishing tools, free content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are always a good option for startups and SMEs. Salesforce is a great software program for customer relationship management. In the end, no matter what software you use, its off-the-shelf ease should be its main selling point for you. It should also be noted that while having more options in your software will increase its flexibility, it will also increase its complexity. So, try to stay away from customizing every single element of your software.

Your Team

And last but not least, while the software you use is going to be important, it will only be as good as its users. So, it is important to make sure that the team of professionals you hire for your startup have the right skills and experience to get the job done.



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