March 8, 2017

How Your Logo Reflects Your Brand


A logo is a uniquely-designed emblem, symbol, or graphic representation of a company name or product. Its primary purpose is to uniquely-identify or set apart an organization from its competitors.

Though not always a core component of any organizational goals, aims, or objectives, it still plays a very crucial role insofar as ensuring the profitability of an organization is concerned. This shall be explored in the proceeding discussions entitled, “How Your Logo Reflects Your Brand”.


Enables the Organizational Brand to Stand Out

In modern times, the manufacture, distribution, and sale, of each product are usually inundated with several players. The ordinary consumer normally finds himself confused as to which one precisely fits his needs/liking. Having a logo enables an organizational brand to be easily noticed by the prospective and previous customers. This saves greatly on time and also prevents them from settling on counterfeits.

Gives Consumers a Rough Idea of what the Brand/Product is all about

Logos are generally designed to create that “first impression” i.e. to give the consumers a general idea regarding the product being sold or brand being promoted. A beverage logo will usually have a cup inscribed in it; a tech company, a keyboard or Wi-Fi symbol; and an educational logo, a book, and so on. This makes consumers easily ascertain whether the product/brand is relevant to their needs or not just by looking at the logo.

Widens and Deepens a Company Brand

Logos are timeless in nature, in the sense that they play their role of popularizing a brand/company image in a wider geographical extent and for periods longer than those of other marketing initiatives. This is because they appear literally everywhere, on stationary, in calendars, on billboards, business cards e.t.c.

Allows Clients to Easily Identify with a Brand

Each time a client, both prospective and previous, views a logo, a feeling is automatically evoked. A person who stares at a Coca cola logo will at once feel thirsty, that one who stares at a Disneyland logo will feel happy, whereas that one who stares at a McDonald logo will feel hungry e.t.c. A properly designed logo thus allows clients to easily identify with that particular brand if and when viewed.


As may be clearly seen from the discussions above, a logo is a very important part of any organization and subsequently ought to be treated with utmost seriousness and consideration. Indeed, a carefully-designed logo is a very inexpensive way of marketing a company brand or product.

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