Entrepreneurship and Being on a Vision Quest

The spirit of entrepreneurship isn’t something that can be taught, but rather, it’s something that one must develop within themselves in order to be successful in their business ventures. To be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to develop a certain view on how to handle your business and more importantly success and failure, two main consequences of having your own business. Here we will focus on how to develop an entrepreneurial spirit by showing you how the big guns do it.


As an entrepreneur, money will always be a problem, especially if you’re starting up. Expect to need twice as much capital as you think you would so that you’re not behind on any payments. If you have significant financial backing, good for you. But, you will still need to adopt a frugal attitude. Since your financial health is going to be critical as a startup, know your expenses, which ones matter and the amount of money that’s coming in. For this, you must plan. You can also try to avoid financial setbacks by working with someone who has experience. This person will help keep your finances on track. That being said, the reality of startups is that they are in constant need of money and there will be times when you will need to float money.

Time and Time Management

As an entrepreneur, you will be working days and nights, and probably on weekends too, for a long time. So, for how long will you have to focus solely on your business much to the annoyance of your family and friends? Possibly, years, and if you think you aren’t up for it, stop now. If you want to be an entrepreneur and a successful one at that, then you will have to be all in, simply because it will take twice as long as they show in the movies. But, in the end, it will be extremely rewarding and one of the most fulfilling feelings you will ever have. As an entrepreneur, your business will be your universe, it will take its toll on you and your family. So eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly and try to keep things in perspective.

Being In-The-Know

As an entrepreneur, your desire to learn new things should be endless. You need to be curious about everything that has to do with your business. Of course, there will be aspects of your business that will fascinate you more than others. Maybe, you lean towards the financial aspects of your company, or maybe you’ll be more interested in the technological side of it. And of course, you should never expect to have all of the answers, which is okay. As an entrepreneur you will have to realize that what you don’t know about your business will be just as important as what you do know, so there will always be more to learn. Seek out knowledge and opinions from multiple sources because for an entrepreneur, “Knowledge is Power”.


Managing your time and having the proper financial backing is not going to be enough. You will have to be willing to give it everything you’ve got, and then some. Sure, there will be ups and downs, but at the end of it all, you need to visualize yourself past the finish line.

Fear of Failure

That brings us to the most important part of being a successful entrepreneur-failure. All successful entrepreneurs who have built empires, have watched them crumble many times before. For the entrepreneur, failure is not a problem, but an opportunity to learn from one’s mistakes. Sure, you’re going to hate to fail, but you should always be prepared to own those failures, take responsibility for them and always move forward.



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