February 25, 2016

5 Great Lessons From Top Brands

Creating a brand whether from a personal or corporate perspective leads to progression. Progression in this context can be career advancement and corporate expansion. Admirable brands are those that possess supreme values and attributes. This article explores a number of tactics that facilitate creation of great brands.

1. Networking

Developing a habit of building and sustaining a strong network base enhances your brand. Networking entails getting acquainted with role models-credible and highly accomplished professionals, mentors- from whom the motivation to succeed is derived. Networking ought to prove beneficial in the long run. In this undertaking, the aim is not just getting to know the professionals or mentors. It is about commitment in making an effort to refine your brand by seeking advice on how to acquire a niche in the desired industry.

2. Employing trans-formative leadership

This is true especially for corporate brands. Organizations have to embrace trans-formative leadership in crafting and honing their brands. Trans-formative leadership involves:

· A proactive attitude in addressing issues affecting the brand.

· Embracing inclusive decision making procedures in devising brand strategies.

· Motivating individuals to shift focus to the brand.

3. Strategic use of social media

Social media has progressively become a convenient platform for online marketing of brands. Success in using social media depends on the approach used by individuals. If you want your brand to gain favor and publicity, the brand content and how it is posted has to be thought about deeply. This is because the brand will greatly be perceived based on the information disseminated on social media. Posting content that is relevant and meets the expectations of the target audience enables your followers to connect with the brand.

4. Authenticity

Coping existing brands undermines your brand and it may appear fake. Originality is what distinguishes your brand from those of competitors and enhances its credibility among people. As such, it is necessary to stand out by having a brand that is unique. To achieve brand authenticity, individuals or businesses should capitalize on perfecting their abilities and talents.

5. Cultivating a culture of endurance

Patience always pays. Creating a personal or business brand is a length process that does not materialize within a short time. Time and monetary resources have to be channeled into the brand creation endeavor. Besides, careful planning, decision making, monitoring and evaluation have to be considered when building the brand. All these considerations require a lot of patience. Drawbacks also manifest at some point which if not addressed with patience can kill the brand.

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